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The Ukrainian Phoenix will rise!

What does the Ukrainian People say to Conchita’s message?

„From the fading light we rise out of the ashes

seeking rather than vengance,

once we’re transformed, once we’re reborn

we rise like a phoenix!

With best wishes for the presidential election

from Dubrovnik with love, Petrunjela


Different colours  – here red, yellow and black – united in one tulip: Nature shows us: It’s possible, in peace!

We – Forum Ost-West – are sending out peaceful impulses to east-west issues. You can join us and participate …!

Verschiedene Farbe – hier Rot, Gelb und Schwarz – vereint in einer Blüte: Friede pur! Die Natur  macht’s möglich und zeigt es uns.

Wir vom Forum Ost-West geben positive Impulse in die „Ost-West“-Beziehungen. Wollen Sie mitmachen? Senden Sie uns Ihre Impulse!

Forum Ost-West, Bern, Schweiz