Artikel über Sowjet Gulag in der CSR

ich habe noch im NZZ-Archiv recherchiert, aber nichts zum Thema gefunden. Die Gegend dort wurde nur im Zusammenhang mit dem Waldsterben erwähnt… Ein ausführlicherer NZZ- Bericht über sowjet Gulag in der CSR hätte also tatsächlich einen Innovatioswert. „ Urs

Ein Gedanke zu „Artikel über Sowjet Gulag in der CSR

  1. Daniel Kwok

    I am Daniel, a Wine Lecturer working in the Macau University of Science & Technology. I am originated from Hong Kong.

    I was invited to write a few lines about the recent movement from Hong Kong in July. After some hesitation, I can only begin to write about my feeling now. Hesitation is caused by confusion, disappointment and anger. Today is the 83th day since we kicked start our movement. So far the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government has failed to communicate with the people about our demands. Our major demands include total withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill, an inquiry into police brutality, greater democratic freedoms. Without the SAR government to actively listen to our demands, the protest will only continue. Sadly, instead of addressing the source of the problem, all we have from them are rejections. As quoted from our Chief Executive Carrie Lam,“ We have heard the demands, however, I cannot promise them.“ Shame on her who does not know the difference between listening and hearing. No matter how many HongKongers went on the street to protest, 1 million on the 9th of June, 2 million (2/7 of the population) on the 16th of June and 1.7 million on the 18th of August, the SAR government has yet to show empathy on its own people. Without empathy, how an effective communication can be established? Without effective communication, what are the options left for us except to continue fighting?


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