About the elections: A Voice from Kiev

I gave my vote to Anatoly Gritzenko. With clear understanding that he’ll not win, but I believe he’s the most honest from the list. I have nothing for the winner Petro Poroshenko, except he’s oligarch (self made and without  blood on his hands, as other oligarchs). My choice was based on my wish to feel better in future (I can say, I not voted for him) and wish not have made a wrong choice again. My wife, daughter and her husband were more brave and voted for Poroshenko, who one year ago had support here on level 0,1% and now obtained support on level 55%. We all wish he’ll fulfill our expectation.

Few words about elections: In this election people were not pushed to vote between right and left, communist and nationalist, East and West. First time in our independence history people has choice among personalities who share common goals: eurointegration, anticorruption and honest rules for our state.

This elections was most clear, without dirty technologies, without manipulations. Everywhere, except Odessa, one of the most cosmopolitan and balanced of Ukrainian cities. Wise and experienced Odessa’s judge Eduard Gurvitz won elections, but old criminalist from Party of regions Truchanov used all old dirty tricks to prove opposite. Odessites must feel shame for such unjustice, when real winner lost for notorious bandit. Main disappointment for me and all my relatives was the victory of Vitali Klitschko and his party Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) in Kiev election. Maidan is roaring already.

We can judge Poroshenko only after his first personal appointments after his inauguration next month. Till than we keep optimism, because we have the president already.

Watch and hear this, if you wish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT7hTVMrwQo&list=RDCT7hTVMrwQo


Klitschko is not fit not only for president -he has such ambitions previously, but for mayor of Kiev also. Totally denacionalized, weak in thinking, weak in speaking and sometimes totally disorientated in politic he don’t feet for such post. Worst of all, he took in his winning team many notorious persons from the “young command” of previous most corrupt mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky. People voted for Klitschko not as for state man, but just remembering his glorious past as famous boxer. He is the biggest time bomb I see in this election.

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