Masterly PR Deception: The „Helping“ Hand of Russia

Masterly PR deception!

It is most impressive to see how the Kremlin PR-experts are able to harness the world media

for its own purposes.

These receive doctored photographs and are invited to inspect half-empty lorries to

document the “helping hand of Russia”. I’ve not yet seen any pictures of the Ukrainian

aid convoy. Parallel to this “aid” heavy weapons are being delivered over the eastern

border for the brow beaten “pro-Moscow rebels”

whose leaders all come from the RF.

Someone has now affirmed, as had a previous person earlier, that they have received the

most modern weapons. Alex Chodkowski, the (in the mean-time) replaced commander of

the Wostok Battalion commented at that time on the shooting down of the MH17, “We had


At the same time the Crimean Kremlin-boss stated, “We are doing everything possible to

halt the murderous  bloodshed between brothers“.

I find the commentaries in some of the Russian print-media, e.g. “nezawisimaja, gazeta,

nowje izwestijaetc.”, to be very interesting.

The well-known Kremlin-critisist brought it to the point on 14.8. saying: “The Kremlin leaders

have broken several international agreements…“, and draws the conclusion: “Only bandits

act in this way. Should international agreements be no longer valid then an East/West war

with atomic weapons can begin at any moment…”

With best wishes for peace!  Forum Ost-West

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