Majdan: Facts and feelings by O. Schimanski

“ What Kiev Majdan means today? It’s a very strange mixture. I can’t judge how many people live constantly there in the tents and camps in neighboring buildings. May be, from 5 to 10 thousand people. As I judge by my observation (not so regular), but I may be wrong, some 2/3 of people there are real participants of most dangerous days of confrontation. They still are there to control steps of new power. Call them professional idealistic revolutionaries. But I mention now (last days) new generation of inhabitans of Majdan. People, who wasn”t fighters in deciding days, but now want to fulfill (safely) their adventure ambitions, or, it’s a true, just homeless. Such “new inhibitans” became not so big, but quite visible part of contemporary Majdan. At least, they don’t decided nothing, they just found shelter there.  …“

Word Majdan is from turk languages. In Crimean Tatars and other turk languages still have name Mejdan – it means “place of main gathering of the peoples”. The Center square Taksim in Istanbul, place of main protest against regime of Erdogan, is also often called Mejdan. It came to us somewhere in XV-XVI centuries, when Ottoman empire was very strong, and Ukraine was a part of also most powerful kingdom of three nations: Polish, Ukrainian and Lethuanian, under central rule of Poland. But Ukrainian cossacs have their strong liberties as a defenders of south-eastern borders of kingdom. So their hetmans (democratically elected rulers of Ukraine)playing different roles. By the need of moments cossacs or go on war wis Otamans in unity with Crimean tatars, or proclaimed war to them. By the way, Crimean tatars took part with Ukrainian cossacs in countless battles, but sometimes betrayed us in most deciding moment, when too much losses might be or enemy paid them more baksheesh (money or other values). So we take word Majdan from the Turk. „

This words, I’m not insisting all this is true, it’s only my sybjective observations, can be added to the blog „worldpress…“ especially facts and feelings………..

Olexy Schimanski, Journalist, Kijiw, 12.3. 14

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