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The Future of the Ukraine? And: Who is reporting the truth?

What will be the Future of the Ukraine ?

A voice from Kiew answers 3 questions, April 23, 2014

Post-Maidan period is a big disappointment for me and most of the Ukrainians. We expected quite an opposite scenario. The team that grabbed the power after the revolution is totally irresponsible and weak. Army and police (appr. 450 thousand of people under weapon) can’t guarantee order and stability, because the government is afraid to give proper order to them. What a shame! All the rest of the world is laughing. Russia can take Ukraine with bare hands. So future of this country with amorphous leaders is unclear.

Who could be the next president?

I’m afraid that presidential elections will be sabotaged. If not, victory of magnate Petro Poroshenko is predictable.  Personally, I prefer Anatolij Grycenko, former minister of defence, very strong man with a clear and realistic program for this country and its integrity. But there is no big money behind him. I’m not sure he will win chance to compete with Poroshenko in second round of elections. Ukrainians are even not able to recognize real leaders and give them proper support.

Do you have in the Ukraine Tv in Russian language sending also to Russia ?

We have dozens of Russian language TV channels here in Ukraine, but no one Russian or Ukrainian language channel in Russia, which reflects the Ukrainian position. Otherwise, Ukraine broadcast up to 70-80 own TV channels through TV satellites broadcasting on Ukraine and full Europe, including European part of Russia. Half of those channels are coded (because of copyrights on films and cetera), so willing users can watch them only with prepaid cards. But another half (with all 24 hour a day news TV channels) are free. Some Russian viewers sometimes call to the studio through Skype to express their opinions. But such Ukrainian satellite channels have minimal audience in Russia. Can you imagine satellite dish on the roof of half-ruined izba (house) in remote village in Russian province? As irony of fortune, only one pan-world (as BBC, CNN or Al-Jazeera) TV channel, that brings the world truth about Ukraine, is JN1 (Jewish News One). It registered in Belgium, has well trained international journalists and works for world in Jewish (Hebrew), Russians, Ukrainian,  English, French, German, Arab and Spanish languages. Secret of favour for Ukrainian news is simple. Owner of channel is head of the World Jewish Congress, well known Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomojskyj. Currently he’s a head of administration of the Dnipropetrovsk region and with iron hand tried to prevent in his region such events, as in Lugansk and Donetzk regions. News from the JN1 you can read in languages, I mentioned, you can find on